Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IDB Scholarship Programme: Selection of students from India for the Academic Year 2011-12

IDB Scholarship Programme
Selection of students from India for the Academic Year 2011-12

Guidelines for Selected Candidates

The Cadidates are requested to please check his/her name in the list of Selected Candidates. If your name appear in the list you will recieve intimation letter from MET Shortly. Now you need to be download the follwoing documents and fill it as per the instructions mention in the documents. 

Agreement and Surety Bond Format
Acceptance letter for Students

1. For your convience a SAMPLE FORMAT of Agreement and Surety bond is also available here and this is only for your guidence that how to fill the Agreement and Surety bond .

2. After filling all the documents you need to send it back to the office of Muslim Education Trust, New Delhi on the following address positively by 30.11.2011

3. For the ID Number of the students to be filled in bond papper and Acceptance letter, Students should note that the IDB Number will be IN/2011/(the students serial number in the list)

For Example ID Number of MR. MD SALIM from Bihar will be IN/2011/22

Muslim Education Trust
E-3, Abul Fazal Enclave Jamia Nagar
Okhla, New Delhi-25

HELP LINE NUMBERS: 011-26957004, 26941028

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