About Salamevatan

Salamevatan (Hindi: सलामेवतन) is a Hindi language (Devnagri Script) Compact Newspaper printed in Tabloid format published fortnightly from Aligarh, India. Established on 15th August, 2003, the Newspaper aims to provide quality News, Views, Articles, Essays, interviews and many other things which are beneficial to the Common people of India, making them aware and helping them in performing their day to day activities more efficiently and effectively. 

One of the unique features of Salamevatan is its language. The Script is Hindi, which is the language most of the Indians can read. It also uses common words from spoken Urdu and English language transliterated in Hindi, so that it can also be read and understood by millions of people who are not well acquainted with difficult words of any of these languages.  

Salamevatan is a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to serve Indian Citizens with different initiatives for Educational Development, Career Counseling, Social Betterment, Economic Upliftment, Health Care and Personal Hygiene of Indian Citizens in general and underprivileged communities in particular. It also helps small business and entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses by spreading their messages to thousands of readers at nominal Charges. This makes Salamevatan a useful means of communication for Indian people of all ages, regions, religions, professions and economic status, helpful in their lives in one way or the other.

Salamevatan also gives active analysis and views in Constructive Politics, analysis of different issues of regional and national importance, experts’ voice in different areas of Public interest.

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