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As we all know that out of four pillars of Indian democracy i.e. Legislature, Bureaucracy, Judiciary and Media, today it has become very important for Media to play a vital role to improve the status of people and to build India as a developed country.

In order to serve the society, a fortnightly Hindi newspaper Salamevatan is published from Aligarh, since August 2003. Its mission is educational, social and economical upliftment of people.

We believe that the high quality intellect and knowledge of students can make a big difference in the society. If you share this priceless gift of knowledge and experience with others, you can make them more aware and hence improve there lives. These small contributions together will lead to an aware and developed India.

To channelise the voice of youth, we are going to launch a special corner Azad Minds for youth of India. This corner will focus on ideation from Indian youth and aligning those ideas towards the above stated mission.

I feel honored to invite you in this initiative of Salamevatan giving you the opportunity to serve people through publishing your own views, news and interviews in Salamevatan as well as to organize Seminars, Debates and Street plays, which are the need of time for improving the status of people and prosperity of India.

Under this initiative we will be rolling out various competitions/events for example:

  • Article Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Online/Offline Debates
  • Panel Discussions
  • Guest Lectures
  • Community Services
  • And many other things to come.

We will send invitations to such events/competitions as and when they are organized. We request you to participate actively and make your presence felt in media and win prizes and certificates.

With warm regard,

Shoeb Masood,

Coordinator, Events Team,



Mobile: 09761499007

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