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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Driving License by Online Time-Slot Booking System

Apply for Driving License by Online Time-Slot Booking System

How to apply for Learner Driving License at Aligarh RTO Office?

Step 1

Option (A) Online Time-Slot Booking System
For work specifically related to the issuance of Smart Card Driving Licenses (SCDL) for RTO offices in Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Agra, Ghaziabad, Aligarh and ARTO Noida, an online Time-Slot Booking System provides citizens the facility to reserve a prior appointment (time slot) online, and visit the transport office for applying for learner / permanent / renewal driving license on the date of their choice. (Upload your scanned image of Type Certificate/ID in .jpeg format of size not more than 50kb.) 

Book your time slot, online (3pm to 4:30pm) by using the link 
And take a print of the acknowledgement slip of your booked slot.

Note: Online Time-Slot Booking System is recommended. There will be no queue/crowd and within an hour (on the same day), you can complete all your required formalities given in the following steps.
Option (B)
Directly go to the Aligarh RTO office during 10am to 1pm without Online Time-Slot Booking and complete all your required formalities given in the following steps.

Step 2
With a complete set of required documents (time slot booking acknowledgement slip, application form, medical certificate, attested photocopies of proof of birth and proof of residence), attach all these documents to a File with a self-addressed Envelope (also available at local vendors outside Aligarh RTO Office).
Step 3
Go to window no. 3, verify your documents (Please remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies from gazettes officer or notary are enclosed.)
Step 4
Atwindow no. 2, submit your fees (for fee structure click, attach the original copy of fee receipt to the documents.
Step 5
At window no. 12B, the file will be submitted and your biometrics will be captured (digitizing the signature, finger prints and photo)
Step 6
Test will be conducted, asking for the traffic symbols/signals. If you passed the test the learner license will be posted to your home in the given self-addressed envelope within 15days.
After minimum 1month and maximum 6months you can apply for the permanent license.

Conversion of valid Driving License (old paper form) into Smart Card Driving License (SCDL)
(This will fall in the category of issuance of Duplicate License)
Step 1
At window no. 10, (time: 10am to 1pm) submit a form available at the window to digitize/feeding your old DL with required documents (self-attested photocopy of old DL, proof of birth and proof of residence).
Step 2
After 10-15days, get a reference number from the same window no. 10.
Step 3
Take a form for applying duplicate DL from window no. 3. Complete the required formalities, submit the fees and biometrics will be captured at window no. 12. The SCDL will be posted to your home within 15days.

Please note that:
  • For your Learner License, please approach the RTO / ARTO office of only that city under whose jurisdiction your place of residence is located, and for where your address proof is being submitted with your DL application form.
  • For issuance of Permanent DL / renewal of expired DL / issuance of IDP / Conversion of valid DL into SCDL please apply only to the RTO / ARTO office from where the original Learner License / Permanent Driving License was previously issued.
  • For conversion of your valid DL into SCDL please come to the office from where it was issued, submit an application, attach your valid DL, pay the fees and have your biometrics captured (finger prints, signature and photo)

Documents required:
  • For Learner License one has to apply before the Licensing Authority along with the following documents:
1.   Application in Form No.2. (
2.   Medical Certificate in Form No. 1-A.
3.   Three copies of Passport photographs.
4.   Fees specified rule-81. (
Proof of Age (any one from out of the following)
1.        School certificate/marksheet
2.        Birth Certificate
3.        Certificate granted by RMP, not below rank of Civil Surgeon
Please remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies from gazettes officer or notary are enclosed.
Proof of Residence (any one from out of the following)
1.        Life Insurance Policy
2.        Pass Port
3.        Voter ID Card
4.        Pay slip issued by any office in the Central/State or a local body
5.        Pension Pass Book
6.        Arms License
7.        ID card issued by Central / State Govt
Please remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies from gazettes officer or notary are enclosed.
Certificate issued by any approved Driver Training School from where driving training has been received.
(Necessary in case of DL for Transport vehicles)
(Optional in case of DL for Non-transport vehicles. This may provide you exemption from driving test)
  • For permanent Driving License one has to apply before the Licensing Authority along with the following documents:
1.   Application in Form No. 4.
2.   Learner License.
3.   Three copies of passport photographs.
4.   Driving Certificate in form-5 issued by approved Training School (Compulsory for    Transport Vehicle License)
5.   Fees as specified in Rule-81.
  • For the renewal of Driving License one has to apply to the Licensing Authority along with the following documents:
1.   Application in Form.9.
2.   Permanent Driving License.
3.   Medical Certificate in Form 1-A.
4.   Three copies of passport photographs.
5.   Fees as specified in rule-81.

  Please read the details on the Guidelines Page which can be visited by clicking here

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Notice: IDB Scholarship Programme 2014

  • 1st Jun 2014: IDB scholarship forms will be available on website

  • 15 Aug 2014: Last date of submitting online/receiving offline applications

Friday, November 1, 2013

Who is entitled to receive Zakat?

There are eight groups of people on whom Zakat should be spent, as mentioned in the Quran:

"The alms are only for the Fuqara' (the poor), and Al-Masakin (the needy) and those employed to collect (the funds); and to attract the hearts of those who have been inclined (towards Islam); and to free the captives; and for those in debt; and for Allah's Cause, and for the wayfarer (a traveler who is cut off from everything); a duty imposed by Allah. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise." [Al-Quran 9:60]

"They ask you as to what they should spend. Say: Whatever wealth you spend, it is for the parents and the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, and whatever good you do, Allah surely knows it." [Al-Quran 2:215]

"(Alms are) for the poor who are confined in the way of Allah-- they cannot go about in the land; the ignorant man thinks them to be rich on account of (their) abstaining (from begging); you can recognize them by their mark; they do not beg from men importunately; and whatever good thing you spend, surely Allah knows it." [Al-Quran 2:273]

"And give to the near of kin his due and (to) the needy and the wayfarer, and do not squander wastefully." [Al-Quran 17:26]

  • Fuqaraa: Those who own property in excess of basic necessities but below the value of Nisab.
  • Masakeen: Persons of extreme poverty who possess no wealth whatsoever.
  • Aamileen: (Zakat collector) Those persons who are appointed by an Islamic Head of State or Government to collect Zakat. It is not necessary that this be a needy person.
  • Muallafatul Quloob: Those poor and needy persons who are given Zakat with the intentions of solidifying their hearts because they maybe recently converted to Islam or to bring them closer to Islam.
  • Ar-Riqaab: slaves whose masters have agreed to set them free on a payment of a fixed amount. Zakat may be used to purchase their freedom.
  • Ibnus-Sabeel: A traveler, who, whilst wealthy at his residence, is stranded and in need of financial assistance.
  • Al Ghaarimeen: A person whose debts exceeds his assets and his net assets (after deducting his liabilities) is below the Nisab limit. To determine whether a person qualifies, his basic necessities of life (house, furniture, clothes, vehicle, etc.) will not be taken into account. It is conditional that the debts were not created for any un-Islamic or sinful purpose.
  • Fi Sabeelillah: Those who are away from home in the path of Allah. Those in Jihaad, those seeking knowledge or a stranded Haji may be assist with Zakat if they are in need.

       Salman Masood                                            Mohd. Aaquib Khan
       Sub-Editor Salamevatan                                 Mechanical Engineer    

Monday, June 24, 2013




Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, introduced its scholarship program in many countries including India in the year of 1983 with a view to promote professional education among Muslim community. This emerged as the main source of our program.

To Qualify for Scholarships, Students should meet the following Requirements 
Must have secured minimum 60% marks in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics in SSC (10+2) examination.
Applicants for bachelor courses in Business Administration (BBA) and Law must have scored minimum 60% marks in English and optional/elective subjects in SSC (10+2).
Age not over 24 years and not in receipt of any other scholarship.Only if the students or their parents are financially weak and unable to pay for his/her education. Students opting for payment seats need not apply.
Students benefiting from this scholarship must undertake to serve their community and country on completion of their studies.
 Approved areas of study Under the Program: 

Bachelor's Degree Courses in Medicine (including Ayurveda,  Unani  & Homeopathy) Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Lab Technician, Bio-Technology and Microbiology, Engineering(all branches) Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Food Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law.

How to complete the Application Forms:

Application must be in typed form or written clearly with ink in block letters and  TWO sets be prepared with all supporting documents.

1. All information must be provided in English. Please attach certified translation of any document not in English.
2. All information requested must be provided ; otherwise processing of the application may be delayed or may not be processed.
3. Indicate your State of Domicile: viz Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu etc on the the top of the Application Form

The IDB Scholarship Program is more than just a scholarship program in the traditional sense, i.e. as a straight financial assistance to needy and qualified students. It is also a tool for the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the Muslim community as a whole. It is a scholarship program and a community development program at the same time, since the scholarship is given as an interest-free loan (qardh-e-hasna) to the students but as a grant to the community to which they belong to in the shape of its refunds.

Besides, the students are also required to take part in the development of their community through their respective profession. The repaid fund is recycled, to provide scholarships for other deserving students, to complement the IDB Scholarship Program and to ensure continuity of the Program in the long run, while the community development services rendered by the students will contribute to the overall development of the community and the country
IDB Scholarship Form for Professional Courses like B Tech, MBBS etc (Last Date 05th Aug 2013)
IDB Scholarship Form for PhD Studies

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank you for electing me as Sr. Member of C.E.C. - Masood

First of all I would like to thank The Almighty Allah (SWT) and then all voters, supporters and well wishers, who elected me as Senior Member of Central Executive Council of AMU Old Boy’s Association. With your dua and support, Mashallah, I acquired the first position among all contestants and got highest 3478 votes.
I assure you that Inshallah, I will try my level best to fulfill the mission of the Great Social Reformer and the founder of AMU, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. I will work for the upliftment of our Community Educationally, Socially and in field of Politics.
I invite your suggestions to improve my services for the betterment of the community.
Thanks a lot once again. I look forward for your continued Support and Dua. 

Yours Affectionately,
Dr. Masood Ahmad      
Sr. Member of Central Executive Council

Declaration of result of the members of AMU OLD Boys’ (Alumni) Association Election-2013

I-                    Honorary General Secretary:
Name Of Candidate
Votes Gained
Mohd Kawkab Hameed

S.M.Sajid Hasan

II-                  Honorary Joint Secretary, residing in Aligarh(A):
Name Of Candidate
Votes Gained
M. Ghayas Siddiui (Dr.)

Tariq Mukhtar (Dr.)

      II-             Honorary Joint Secretary, outside  Aligarh(B):
Name Of Candidate
Votes Gained
Mohd Tariq

Rahat Habib Khan

      II-             Honorary Joint Secretary, Outside  U.P (C):
Name Of Candidate
Votes Gained
Ahmad Kaleem Khan
Arif Husain

Najmuzzia Naqvi

Syed Arshad Jamal Zaidi (Jimmi)

III-                Members of C.E.C. Outside Aligarh:
Badrudduja Siddiqui (Najmi)
Azam Meer Khan
Niyaz Ahmad
Riazul Hasan Siddiqui (Dr.)
Mohd. Shadab Khan
Masroor Ali Qureshi (Dr.)
Kifayat Ullah

Mahtab Ahmad Khan

Syed Sanaullah Salar

Khalid Masood

IV-               Members of C.E.C. Residing at Aligarh:
Name Of Candidate
Votes Gained
Masood Ahmad (Dr.)
Mohd Irfan (Er.)
Azam Husain Abidi
Mohd. Wahid Husain
Yusuf Jamal
Naim Akhtar Khan
Mohd Noorul Amin
Taufiq Ahmad
Syed Anzar Ahmad Sabri
Mohd Yaseen
Imran Ahmad
S. Shahid Husain
Ibne Mohd. Khan            
Umaruddin Advocate
Mohd. Aslam Khan

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