Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The 205th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Aligarh Muslim University


The 205th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan   1817-1898), a philosopher and educationist, who, in    1875, established the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental     (MAO) College which is today known as the Aligarh   Muslim University (AMU), was celebrated on the   university campus on Monday. Every year, the       occasion is celebrated as Sir Syed Day on the   university’s campus.

The Sir Syed Day celebrations, marking the 205th birth anniversary of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) founder, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan returned back in meatspace after two years of Covid induced restrictions with traditional gaiety and vigour.  Guests, arrived in the elegant vintage phaeton drawn by a pair of horses at the venue of Gulestan-e-Syed, where they were ushered to the stage by a long line of assembled students of the University Riding Squad. Delivering the Sir Syed Day commemoration address, the Chief Guest, Prof Tahir Mahmood (Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities) called the AMU community to spread Sir Syed’s rationality, modernity, manners and amity to corners of the Nation and the world. “Preservation and propagation of Urdu is also an integral part of Sir Syed’s legacy that needs our attention”, said Prof Mahmood. He pressed the need for a deep focus on Sir Syed’s thoughts and teachings that emanated through the words of Allama Iqbal in one of his poems, ‘Syed Ki Loh-e-Turbat’.

“Reflecting on Sir Syed’s philosophy, Allama Iqbal wrote, ‘Mudda’a Tera Agar Dunya Mein Hai Taleem-e-DeeN, Tark-e-Dunya Qaum Ko Apni Na Sikhlana Kahin’ (If your aim in the world is Deen’s education, Never teach your nation world’s abdication). In this context, we need to understand that Sir Syed was awakening the community and convincing it for the new education system in an era when the rational and traditional aspects of the education system got intertwined and had taken the form of theological education”, emphasised Prof Mahmood.

 “Sir Syed played a very influential role in bridging the gap between the Oriental and the Western world. He knew what changes were required in society in order to move forward and keep up with the rest of the world. He dedicated his life to striking a balance between tradition and modernity and strived for traditional Oriental and Western scholarship”, said Prof Mahmood.

In the welcome address, AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor said, “Sir Syed’s ideas of secularism and inclusiveness are reflective in the way AMU operates. The University is a monument of large-hearted tolerance and communal harmony and its portals are open to the students of all communities from its very inception”.

“We have maintained Peace and Harmony on the campus and successfully overcome challenges, problems and crisis by exercising restraint and stressing on unity and consensus”, the Vice Chancellor pointed out.He emphasised, “AMU is marching ahead for progress and development. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Bhai Modi while participating in the centenary year celebrations called AMU as ‘Mini India’ and praised the contribution of the university in Nation building. Besides Prime Minister’s participation, the last five years also witnessed the participation of the then President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind and others in various events of the University”, he emphasised. Prof Mansoor added, “Despite the Covid pandemic; a record number of new courses, colleges and departments started at AMU”.




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