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BSNL 3G/Wimax exclusive service starts for AMU

BSNL 3G/Wimax exclusive service starts for AMU

Wired Internet Services are being offered by the Computer Centre to the AMU community since 2004 through optical fibre based campus-wide network.
Now to provide wireless access for internet, the Centre coordinated a 3G/Wimax project with BSNL. Under this the BSNL installed towers and related equipment at nine locations of the campus. Two exchanges: main BSNL Telephone Exchange and Telephone Exchange of Medical Colony also have the similar set of equipment and will also contribute to this wireless network. Consequently, students, employees and retired employees of AMU can avail the facility, on concessional rates:
1.  3G Mobile connection for telephony and internet (No Activation charge, Rs. 102 per month (pre-paid) providing: 30 days validity,Rs. 50 talk time, 1 GB free data download, free telephone calls with the members of the Group, 10 paisa per minute charge with members of the other groups of AMU, 100 local and 100 national free SMS) and/or
2.  Two types of Wimax connections with (a) limited internet access (b) unlimited internet access.
For 3G connections there are five CUGs --- Closed User Groups: DSW CUG for AMU students, Teaching CUG for AMU teachers, Non-Teaching CUG for non-teaching staff of AMU, Women's College CUG for students and staff of Women's College and School CUG for students and staff of AMU Schools. Retired employees belong to the same CUG where from they got retired.
Above mentioned connections can be obtained from BSNL by making required payment to BSNL along with filled BSNL application form and Annexure for photo identity and address verification by the designated officer of AMU for the respective CUG (mentioned on the format of the Annexure).
The BSNL will provide details and answers to queries about the connections. The BSNL for a limited period will put up kiosks in the campus to facilitate the applicants and to provide the connections.

Various Downloads :
   (6) Download WiMAX form (Use Appropriate Annexure from serial no. 1 to 5)   
     Tower Location

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