Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sir Syed brought the Muslims into the national mainstream-Mahesh Bhatt

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was not only a great educationalist which India produced that he was a bridge between modern education of the west and the culture of the east. That was the down to earth comment made by noted film director Mahesh Bhatt while addressing the Sir Syed Day Celebrations held by the Aligarh Muslim University Alumni, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He pointed out that it was Sir Syed who brought the Muslim Society into the national mainstream of that era and initiated Communal harmony by opening the doors of the M.A.O College which he had founded. Bhatt expressed hope that old boys of AMU will render greater service to the nation they are in.
Congress Spokesperson Rashid Alvi pointed out that Sir Syed had launched Aligarh Movement with specific purpose to empower the Muslims not only educationally but also socially and politically and that resulted in transforming whole India sub-continent.
Jasim Mohammad, Editor of the Aligarh Movement while parenting brief overview of the AMU and the Aligarh Movement urged the Alumni of AMU to pay attention towards shortage of the Hostels in AMU. Jasim said that hostel life plays a vital role in the life of the students and we all have its experience.
Prof. Razaullah Khan, former Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department, AMU called upon the old boys of AMU to external their resources and attention to words re-building their Alma-Mater, so that it may fulfill needs of the present times.
Erlier Activist Pushkin Agha while delivering introductory speech had called upon all the present dignitaries to spread the message of Sir Syed. AMU Old boy Mr. Arif presented a brief history of the Aligarh Movement during his welcome speech. The programme was conducted by Social Activist Ms. Kakul Agha and Businessman Haroon Sartaj Khan gave vote of thanks.
Large number of local residents and all the member of the Association were present.

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