Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Career Guidance: Management as Career

Career Guidance: Management as Career
Counselor: Mr. Waliur Rahman
Q. How is MBA as a career? And what are the exams one can give to opt for MBA as a career?
A. With the New Economic Policy of 1990s MBA as a career became most sought after. With big MNCs finding its way in India demand for MBA also increased. Today MBA is looked upon as a coveted career having its own charm and unique social status. There is a notable trend that youngsters opt more for MBA rather than Civil Services. Around 225000 Students take CAT alone. The number of candidates appearing in other MBA entrance test is much more. The most prestigious MBA entrance test is CAT which is held in the month of November every year. Some other important MBA entrance exams are:
Q. Can you give some tips to the students for MBA preparation?
The students should develop their reading skills from the very beginning of their graduation years.
speed and the sections of Reading Comprehension will become easy for them. One should strive to develop a reading speed of around 500words per minute. The second important thing for the students is to develop their vocabulary through different means. To have good command on roots, affixes, phobias, manias, personality types, etymology etc proves to be a blessing. Again the students should try to develop ability to comprehend meaning from a given structure. There are very few questions on grammar but yet it is very significant as it is badly needed to understand a given tests.

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