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Career Planning in today’s Competitive Era

Career Planning in today’s 
Competitive Era
Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. 
Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come."- Greer Garson

Today’s youth plan their Career in a very hasty way & as a result takes impulsive career decisions. In order to excel in today’s scenario, it is necessary to have the amalgamation of “Interests plus abilities.
Today’s youth is very fortunate to be born in an era, where, good careers are available as per their interests, abilities & the personality as a whole. Personality is of Different kinds, like, Authoritative , Service oriented, Creative, Technical etc., and today ,likewise careers are also available both at undergraduate and post graduate level.. The student of today is very fortunate that he can choose his/her career according to the need, interest & abilities.
But, the competition today is very tough and the career planning needs to be perfect. Dreams are to be converted into Aims, in order to achieve success in due time. As they say “Dreaming without strategy is a waste of time”, one must identify a dream, but the dream has to be realistic and time bound, because it is the aim which is achieved, not the dream.  In order to identify your aim & strategy to accomplish it, you need to undergo a process, which is called “Career Planning”. The procedure of career planning that the student should follow can be like mentioned below:
The first stage of career planning is Self – Actualization i.e. identifying your interest, your abilities, your strengths & Weaknesses, and then conducting a SWOT analysis i.e. matching your strengths & Weaknesses, with the identified career options, that matches your personal profile. Once you identify your career options (at least three) the next stage is to make necessary Queries, about how you can achieve your desired target or aim. Prepare yourself for the desired target; try to learn all the necessary traits and knowledge required. Develop a tendency of Learning and be always ready for improvement., as you will agree that Success in life will come on its own terms and conditions, not as per our wishes we know life is full of ups & downs and it may be sometimes difficult to go on, but you should develop an attitude which says “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”, i.e. Positive attitude.
Positive attitude plays a very vital role in your success, because it helps you to fight the hard times in a more positive frame of mind and hence, good results do come. As some body has rightly said, that “a Man is a product of his thoughts, whatever he thinks he becomes”. So, always try to see the brighter side of life. Next comes Honesty, which says, that whatever efforts you do, should be with full Honesty and commitment. Honesty is the foundation stone of one’s character, so if you are honest to yourself, then only you will be honest towards your goal. The next important aspect is Time Management. As you know, God has made us different in every aspect, but he has made one thing common for all of us, and that is TIME. So you have to make the best use of available time i.e. 24 Hours and that is the success Mantra of almost all the great people, ranging from Nelson Mandela to Bill Gates. I would also like to suggest, that to keep your pace going, you need to love your goal like a small baby and have to nurture it with full interest & Devotion, and have to be focused throughout. Most people, who fail in life, don’t fail because they lack in talent or abilities, but because they fail to concentrate & focus their energies in one single direction, for eg, a magnifying glass if kept on moving, will do no harm on the paper, but if it is kept on one place that to for only couple of seconds, it will burn down the paper, such is the power of focused approach. So, please be focused on your goal and that to with interest and devotion. Make your mission statement & put it at a prime location in your room, read it daily and motivate yourself to plan and work accordingly (be accountable to yourself)
As, I mentioned earlier, lots of ups & downs do come during the entire process of career success, there are some ways through which you can handle the related stress and study pressures:

         Be Grateful of What You Have ( cherish you past success & what do u have at present)
         Share your stress or problems with an elder, friend or counselor.
         Give Someone Help or Contribute to others, it will make you happy and feel good.
         Avoid the company of Negative people.
In the end, would like to mention, that, despite of all the efforts, be patient, as God will deliver you, when the time is ripe, and he will only dispose your proposal, if it is at all better for you, because He is the Best Planner. I would like to quote a saying by Theodre Roosevelt, who said “Sometimes an Opportunity comes under the disguise of a Failure”.  So don’t worry about small failures, keep on working hard, and take the failures as experiences, learn from them, I am sure it will take you to success. So man can only propose, God will dispose, but, the PROPOSAL HAS TO BE PERFECT.

Some Dos, in a nut shell:
·        Goal Identification through self Actualization
·        Preparation to acquire the Desired goal
·        Proper strategy
·        Honest Efforts
·        Learning Tendency
·        Firm Belief in God & in your abilities
·        Patience.

M. Saad Hameed, Counselor, A.M.U., Aligarh.

The writer, Mr. M. Saad Hameed is a renowned Career Counselor in Aligarh, with 8 years of corporate experience and 7 years' experience in career counseling and guidance. He has organised more than 100 workshops on various specific Career Themes, has counselled hundereds of students from different Universities and Institutes and is running Career Counselling Cells in four Halls of Residence in AMU, Aligarh. He is a coprorate trainer in different MNCs and also a visiting faculty in different universities and management institutes. He has the expertise in the area of Career Counselling and Guidance, Corporate Training, Language Improvement, Personality Development, Placement Preparation and Soft Skills.
He is also the Project Head of Comunity College, Aligarh, an initiative to educatinally empower the weaker section of the society.

Salamevatan is proud to have Mr. Saad Hameed as Honorary Member, Advisory Board of Azad Minds and the Member of Career Counselling Team, Salamevatan.

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