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The First Technique Developed by “Environsense”

The First Technique Developed by “Environsense”

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient technique enjoying a revival in popularity due to the inherent quality of rainwater and interest in reducing consumption of treated water. Rainwater is valued for its purity and softness. It has a nearly neutral pH, and is free from disinfection by-products, salts, minerals, and other natural and man-made contaminants. Plants thrive under irrigation with stored rainwater.
Appliances last longer when free from the corrosive or scale effects of hard water. Users with potable systems prefer the superior taste and cleansing properties of rainwater. Archaeological evidence attests to the capture of rainwater as far back as 4,000 years ago, and the concept of rainwater harvesting in China may date back 6,000 years. Ruins of cisterns built as early as 2000 B.C. for storing runoff from hillsides for agricultural and domestic purposes are still standing in Israel. Water harvesting is an ancient technique used to conserve potable water resulting from rain and use it for domestic uses.

Now a days it is mainly in use to recharge groundwater table and meet water requirements except for personnel human consumption.

The draw back this technique faces is due to non awareness among the general population. In addition to it, rain water harvesting is an additional burden on pocket which every individual is not willing to bear or pay.

The new technique imbibes the underground water tank used for storing water for fire fighting which is also an necessary norm to be fulfilled for the development of multi storied buildings, to the rain water harvesting tank thus making both rain water harvesting and fire fighting relatively cheap as both the requirements can be fulfilled by single tank.

The technique also covers up only rain water generated from terraces and roofs to plug the groundwater contamination through insecticides, pesticides etc. resulting from surface runoff. Thus making rainwater harvesting safer. One of the more striking feature is the technique is that it also imbeds with itself the over flow resulting from over head tanks for domestic water supply. The technique not only conserves this resource from going to waste but also recharges the groundwater at the same time. Moreover the technique also covers up the water resulting from air conditioners which is almost the purest form of water as it is the water vapour condensed from the air. Thus making the quality of groundwater recharge as more healthy and sound.

The overall technique conserves as well as recharges the groundwater at the same time along with safety against fire which everyone understands and is aware off at the minimal cost which is economical.

Developed By:
Khan Roohul Abad, M.Tech (Final)
Under the Aegis of: ENVIRONSENSE*

*Environsense...a forum to care environment, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, AMU, Aligarh 

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