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Al-Qalam Foundation in collaboration with School Education Trust for Disadvantaged ......

 Short-Term Teachers’ Training Program for Madrasa Teachers

Al-Qalam Foundation in collaboration of School Education Trust for Disadvantaged is organizing a Short-Term Teachers’ Training Program for Madrasa Teachers from February 27 to March 5, 2022.  The following Training sessions have been completed by the different Resource Persons:

More than 50 trainees were registered for this program fro different parts of India. There is no fee for the participants. The local hospitality and books & other training materials costing about 1500 each is also provided to each participants

Morning Sessions


1.      (28-02-2022) Creating an Effective Leaning Environment

 سیکھنے کا ایک مؤثر ماحول بنانا

2.      (28-02-2022) Significance of adjustment in learning process

 ہم آہنگی کی اہمیت سیکھنے کے عمل میں

Dr. Mohd. Shakir (Department of Education, AMU Aligarh)


(28-02-2022) New concept of discipline

 نظم و ضبط کا نیا تصور

Prof. Mohammad Parvez (Department of Education, AMU Aligarh)


1.      (01-03-2022) Factors affecting learning

 سیکھنے کو متاثر کرنے والے عوامل

2.      (01-03-2022) Characteristics of an effective teacher

 ایک موثر استاد کی خصوصیات


Dr. Aftab Ahmad Ansari (Department of Education, AMU Aligarh)


(01-03-2022) Understanding Teaching and its Components تدریس اور اس کے اجزاء کو سمجھنا

Prof. Mohd Abid Siddiqui (Department of Education, AMU Aligarh)

Evening Sessions

Mr. I.H. Furqan (Principal Al-Hadi Public School) :

1.      (27-02-2022) Relation between teacher & student ٹیچر اور اسٹو ڈینٹ کے درمیانی تعلق

2.      (28-02-2022)Concepts of teaching a language کسی زبان کو پڑھانےکا طریقہ

Mr. Saif Azam (School Education Trust for Disadvantaged) :

1.      (27-02-2022) Why to teach effectively  موثر تدریس کیوں

2.      (28-02-2022) Teacher as a learnerسیکھنے والا استاد

Prof. Anees Ahmad (Al-Qalam Foundation) :

1.      (01-03-2022) Composite Teaching Methodology of Model Madarsa System ماڈل مدرسہ نظام کا مربوط تدریسی طریقہ کار

Al-Qalam Foundation, keeping in view of the provisions made in NEP, has taken a lead to accept its challenges and translate them into opportunities to enhance the quality of education in Muslim managed Schools and Madaris. An Integrated System of Education (Composite Teaching Methodology) has been developed for this purpose wherein in 5 years of Foundation Level (4 plus to  9 years) the students will be educated in their mother tongue, especially Urdu. The modern education will be taught along with Islamic Education (Deeni Ta’leemat) at the same time so that both the educations are completed in school times. It will make a strong foundation of the students and they will be equipped in LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) in four languages (Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi/Telugu etc.), Islamic Education and the Modern Education as well. They will enter the Basic Level (class III to V) well versed with both the educations and thus be well fitted in new domain of secular education with strong foundation. In brief it is a composite system of NCERT and prescribed Islamic Education.

Prof. Anees Ahmad (Department of Chemistry)  president of Al Qalam Foundation has designed and printed the books through this Trust to fulfill the need of the hour based on Composite Teaching Methodology which is based on a well researched system. In many places this system has been introduced in Schools and Madaris and good results have been archived. It requires training of teachers especially Madaris Teachers. The first training program is being organized from Feb 27 to March 6, 2022 wherein 50 persons have enrolled them for their participation.

More details can be seen on our website:

Detail of Training Program:

1. Inauguration of the Training Program (27-02-2022)

The inauguration of the training program was held at 9:30 am and different persons expressed their view on the topics listed against them in the table 1 of inaugural function. The function was presided by Prof. Mufti Zahid Ali Khan (retired Prof. of Sunni Theology)

2. Inauguration of the Hostel Facility

The hostel with all modern facilities was inaugurated for the students to be taught under Model Madarsa System by the Prof. Zainuddin (retired fro department of Geology) at Mughal Homes. It will be a paid hostel.

3. The program will continue till March 5 as per program listed in Table 2 & 3.

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