Thursday, March 24, 2022

Valedictory Function: Short-Term Teachers’ Training Program for Madrasa Teachers


Valedictory Function: Short-Term Teachers’ Training Program for Madrasa Teachers

Venue: Mughal Height (Ground Floor),  on March 5, 2022 \

Anchor: Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad (Department of Urdu, AMU Aligarh)

Tilawat-e-Quran with translation, By Qari Shoeb Alam (Amroha)

Introduction to Training Program, By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad (Department of Urdu, AMU Al

About Teachers’ Training Program for Madrasa Teachers, By Mr Saif Azam (School Education Trust for Disadvantaged)

Experiences in Community Education, By Dr. Mohammad Daood Multani (Nagina, Dist. Bijnor)

(Retired Malaria Inspector, Educationalist and Reformer)

Importence of Professional Quality Education Speach delivered By Mr. Latafat Hussain (Guest of Honor), Director Roshan’s Group Mughal Height

Mr. Mohd. Furqan (Chief Guest), Mayor of Aligah delivered his lecture on  " Aim & Objectes of Baba e Qaum Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan to estalish  the Madersatul Ulioom (upgraded into Aligarh Muslim University in 1920 same like Darul uloom Deoband  for quality education. Now you can study (Research) on Holy Quraan in Nizami Quraanic Centre, Islamic Studies at the Deptt. 0f Islamic Studies and Theology , For Example, AMU is only one Great University where Sunni And Shia Hazrat offer The NAMAZ Prayer at one JAMA MASJID. 

On the other hand AMU is also famous for hudge Campus Placement of Students in Modern Sciense, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, the Faculty of LAW, F/0 of Geography, NanoTecnology, Managements and also in every field, 

After passing "Bridge Course (Intermediate), The Aalim Fazil Students 0f Madersas can take Admission in every above courses

I Thank to Prof. Anees Ahmad to invite me for such Noble Services, 5 Days Training program to modernise the Madersa Edfucation in easy way.

Feedback of Participants of the Training Program and Presidential Remarks By Prof. Qazi Mazhar Ali

(Department of Statistics, AMU Aligarh)

Certificate Distribution to the Participants by Vice President Mrs. Prof. Anees Ahmad, Madersa Head Mistress Mrs. Furqan, Chief Guest Mohammad Furqan, Guest Dr. Masood Ahmad, Guest Engr. Firoz Khan

Vote of Thanks by  Prof. Anees Ahmad (Department of Chemistry, AMU Aliagarh) Trustee Al-Qalam Foundation

Dua by Maulana Mohammad Ramzan (Sadabad) with  High Tea

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