Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Farewell Party of Dr. Sadaf Jafri in Aligarh College of Education

Dr. Sadaf Jafari, Dr. Mohammad Muqeem, Director of ACE, Dr. Masood Ahmad, Deligation of Mewat Engineering Waqf College, Nuh Mewat Dr. Chaman Mohammad, Engr. Adnan Akhlaq, Engr Mahmood Ayaz and staff of ACE

  It was 18th september 2021,  saturday on Aligarh College of Education the farewell party of Dr. Sadaf Jafri was organized. All teachers were asked to report to the staff room at 11:00 am. The staff room was beautifully decorated but there were somewhere the waves of emotions clinging everyone.

Chief Guest Dr. Masood Ahmad, member advisory committee, ACE Aligarh (Aligarh College of Education), Qasimpur Road Aligarh said that Dr. Sadaf Jaffari is our Honest,  Dedicated and  Hard working Asst. Professor in our ACE. She has delivered a lecture on “Medical Conference Programe” at State Agriculture, Industrial Exhibition UP,  Aligarh Numaish on behalf of ACE Aligarh.

We are congratulating her for her appointment at Mallapuram AMU Aligarh.

Allah may help her and My best wishes to her continuous success

The farewell event was organized by management of the college. They made all the arrangements which include proper sitting arrangements for  the teachers and non teaching staff, conduction of a small event, decoration of the auditorium, etc.

Firstly, Dr.Sadaf Jafri ma’am was given a warm welcome with a humble words by the prof. M. Muqim of the Director of the college. The function started with a thanks speech with stabilized a beautiful Then the staff of the school was
called on the dice to say a few words, thier speech was all based you how lucky they was of getting Dr. Sadaf Jafri for 5 years as a regular and respected teacher of the school, how she endured giving all hers to make her students shine, how she stayed in the college even after getting job opportunities in different colleges , they ended his speech saying that the college will miss her contributions.

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