Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Union Public Service Commission has declared UPSC Civil Services Result 2020.

 UPSC 2020: Sadaf Chaudhary ranked 23rd, tops from Muslim community

NEW DELHI — The Union Public Service Commission has declared UPSC Civil Services Result 2020. A total of 29 Muslims have qualified. Sadaf Choudhary stands at 23rd rank and is the topper among Muslims. Last year 42 Muslims had cracked the exam.

Shubham Kumar from Bihar who studied at IIT Bombay has topped the exam, Hindustan Times reported. Jagrati Awasthi has bagged the second rank. Ankita Jain, Yash Jaluka and Mamta Yadav are at third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.

The test for Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service and other Central Services was held over a course of nearly 12 months with preliminary exams in October 2020, mains in January, 2021 and interview in August September 2021.

Union Public Service Commission has released the result of Main Examination of Civil Services 2020. In the Civil Services Examination 2020, 761 candidates have passed out of which 545 are male and 216 are female. Shubham Kumar has secured first position in the examination, Jagriti Awasthi and Ankita Jain have secured second and third position respectively in the civil services examination.

Out of 761 candidates passed in UPSC, 27 Muslim candidates have passed. Out of 27 Muslim candidates, 20 are male candidates and 7 are female candidates. However, there has been a decline in the number of Muslim candidates who cleared UPSC this year. In 2019 this number was 44, this time it was reduced to only 27. Sadaf Chaudhary of Haridwar has secured first position among Muslim candidates. Sadaf Chaudhary has secured all over 23rd rank.

Sadaf Chaudhary, a resident of Roorkee, has achieved 23rd rank while doing amazing. Sadaf Chaudhary’s father is a bank manager and his mother is a common housewife. Sadaf’s success is also surprising because she did not take any coaching for this and did all the preparations while staying at home. Sadaf now wants to join the Foreign Service.

Following is the list of successful Muslim candidates:

Last year 42 from the community had qualified

सिविल सेवा मै चयन के लिए सभी को दिली मुबारक 

1. 23 सदफ चौधरी 

2. 58 फैजान अहमद 

3. 125 मंजर हुसैन अंजुम 

4. 129 शाहिद अहमद 

5.142 शहंशाह के एस 

6. 203 मोहम्मद आकिब

7. 217 शहनाज आई 

8. 225 वसीम अहमद भट 

9. 234 बुशरा बानो 

10. 256 रेशमा एल 

11. 270 मोहम्मद हारिस सुमेर 

12. 282 अल्तमश गाजी 

13. 283 अहमद हसंउज्जमान चैधरी 

14. 316 सारा अशरफ 

15. 389 मुहिबुल्लाह अंसारी 

16. 423 जेबा खान 

17. 447 फैसल राजा 

18. 450 एस मोहम्मद याकूब 

19. 478 रेहान खत्री 

20. 493 मोहम्मद जावेद  

21. 545 अल्ताफ मोहम्मद शेख 

22. 558 खान आसिम किफायत खान 

23. 569 सैयद जाहिद अली 

24. शकीर अहमद  

25. 589 मोहम्मद रिजवान आई

26. 597 मोहम्मद शाहिद 

27. 611 इकबाल रसूल डार

28. 625 आमिर बशीर 

29. 739 माजिद इकबाल


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