Sunday, March 3, 2024

“Environment, Development and Resources”


JMI’s Department of Geography organizes Extension Lecture on “Environment, Development and Resources” under Viksit Bharat campaign  

The Department of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), under the umbrella of Viksit Bharat initiative of Government of India, organized an extension lecture on “Environment, Development and Resources” by Prof. Mohammed Hashim Qureshi (Retd.), Centre for Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on 26th February, 2024. The lecture was a vibrant learning event to all the scholars and students. The event was attended by distinguished guests, eminent faculty members, research scholars and the students.


Prof. Haroon Sajjad, the Head of the Department of Geography welcomed the guest speaker, faculty members and all the students. The session was chaired by Prof. Lubna Siddiqui, Hony. Coordinator, NCC, JMI.


Prof. M.H. Qureshi began with introducing the concept and components of the environment. While delivering his lecture, he emphasized on the parameters of development and growth. He explained that development is unidirectional bearing a positive connotation whereas growth is both positive and negative in nature. He highlighted the paradigm shift from conservative to productive economy. Prof. Qureshi mentioned t how amazingly our body reflects the environment around us, as we are made up of soil, our body’s composition is 70% water, we have fire in our stomach for digestion, we breathe air and we have the Spirit (Aatma). He highlighted the level of technology and its role in economic development.


On further elaboration, Technology was divided into low level technology, which means it is accessible to all, e.g.- Spade, bicycle and dug well. The next level is Intermediary Technology, which includes tube wells, cars, and tractors. Then comes Highly Sophisticated Technology, which is affordable by only a small section of the society, which includes roadways, railways, i.e., the social control over resources. Prof. Qureshi asserted that sustainable development goals are not in a fixed state of harmony, rather in a process of change. While concluding his motivational talk, Prof. Qureshi left the gathering pondering on some unsolved questions like: Do we know the needs and wants of the future generations? Is the world culturally amorphous? Is the food basket the same world over? Towards the end of the lecture, he shared his invaluable experiences of life.


Prof. Lubna Siddiqui delivered her Presidential remarks. The lecture was followed by an interactive discussion wherein Prof. M.H. Qureshi interacted with Ph.D. scholars and students of the Department. The enlightening event was attended by Prof. Mohd. Ishtiaque, (Retd.) Prof. Atiqur Rahman, (Chief Proctor, Jamia Millia Islamia), Prof. Masood Ahsan, Prof. Lubna Siddiqui, (Hony. Coordinator, NCC), Prof. Taruna Bansal, Dr. Mohd. Afsar Alam, Dr. Hasan Raja Naqvi, Dr. Adnan Shakeel, Dr. Asif Ali and students. Dr. Ghazal Salahuddin, Incharge – extension lectures and webinars conducted the programme and Dr. Asif proposed a formal vote of thanks. The lecture ended on a positive note.

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