Friday, October 27, 2023


 Syed Ka Haseen Khwab Hai Yeh Shaher-e Aligarh,

Tehzeeb Ki Kitaab Hai Yeh Shaher-e Aligarh
- Johny Foster Alig
SIR SYED DAY, LUCKNOW : Johny Foster means ‘AMU Tarana’ and ‘AMU Tarana’ means Johny Foster. He is credited with playing the AMU Tarana a maximum number of times since 1982 worldwide. This can be claimed to be a Limca or Guinness Book of Records record. He has been a part of the official Tarana team for four decades and has trained many students. He is also adept at performing the Tarana using different musical instruments. He can perform it solo and in chorus. The larger the chorus, the more influential the impact.
Yeh Mera Chaman Hai Mera Chaman,
Mein Apne Chaman Ka Bulbul Hoo
- Majaz Alig
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