Thursday, June 15, 2023

JMI team wins Annual NASA Design Competition at LPU


A team of students of the Department of Architecture, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) won first prize in the Annual NASA Design Competition during 65th Annual NASA Convention held at Lovely Professional University in Punjab from June 8th to June 13th, 2023 in which 200 plus colleges participated. Overall, the team secured 4th position in the convention.  

The team was shortlisted for two categories in the prestigious All India National Design Competition (ANDC). One of the shortlisting was achieved in the category of Laurie Baker Trophy (LBT), and two shortlisting were earned in the Writing Architecture category, emphasizing their ability to articulate architectural concepts effectively.

This achievement is a testament to their exceptional design skills, innovative thinking, and dedication to their craft. The competition provided a platform for the students to showcase their creative ideas and practical solutions to architectural challenges at a National Level.

Additionally, the students also secured recognition in the GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) category, further solidifying their commitment to sustainable design practices. GRIHA is a rating system that assesses the environmental performance of buildings and promotes the integration of sustainable practices in architecture.

The success of the JMI team is a testament to the institution's commitment to provide quality education and nurturing creative talent. The student's achievements reflect their hard work, dedication, and the guidance provided by their mentor, Ar. Imaad Nizami with support from the Head of the Department Prof.(Dr.) Qamar Irshad and Dean, Prof. Hina Zia. The student delegation was headed by Ar. Mohd Amir Khan, Assistant Professor.

The entire JMI community takes pride in the accomplishments of these talented students and applauds their outstanding performance at the convention. Their triumphs serve as an inspiration for future generations of architects, encouraging them to push boundaries and strive for excellence in the field of architecture.

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