Thursday, April 13, 2023

JMI launches “e-Library MobileApp” & “Automated In/Out Attendance System of Library Users”


          Services launched during Exhibition on the Holy Quran by Prof. Nazim Husain Ali Jafri


An “e-Library MobileApp” and “Automated In/Out Attendance System of Library Users” was today launched by Prof. Nazim Husian Al- Jafri, Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) at Dr. Zakir Husain Library of the university. The two library services were launched during the Exhibition on the Holy Quran organised by Dr. Zakir Husain Library, JMI in which a rare collection of manuscripts of the Holy Quran dating back to the 15th century are on display.


Dr. Zakir Husain Library subscribes to thousands of e-Journals and e-Books and e-Databases along with significant resources provided by e-ShodhSindhu Consortium of INFLIBNET Centre. e-Library MobileApp will facilitate the seamless and uninterrupted access to information anytime, anywhere to the bonafide users of the library.


The second service launched during the programme “Automated In/Out Attendance System of Library Users” is innovative in the sense that it has replaced the earlier practice of manual attendance system while in and out in the library. Library users have praised their experience of a quick and hassle free attendance system using bar code technology.


The officiating University Librarian, Dr. Sufian Ahmad welcomed the Registrar, other dignitaries and briefed about the exhibition and the new services to be offered by the library.


Prof. Nazim Husain Al-Jafri, Registrar, JMI, inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of the Deans, Directors, Faculty, Staff and students of the university. The exhibition includes a rare collection of manuscripts of the Holy Quran dating back to the 15th century. These manuscripts represented different calligraphic styles like Nasq, Muhaqqaq, Nastaliq and Shikasta scripts. Beside this, the exhibition also displays rare published translations of the Holy Quran in several Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and in international languages, including Japanese, French, German, Russian, etc.

The Registrar congratulated the University Librarian and his team for constantly introducing value added services to its users. He further added that the users should utilize the library resources and its services in their academic pursuit.


The program was concluded with a vote of thanks offered by Dr. Sufian Ahmad.


Public Relations Office

Jamia Millia Islamia 

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