Friday, March 24, 2023

“Begum Shehnaz Sidrat is yet again nominated by the Hindustan Times for WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE”

                                         About Begum Shehnaz Sidrat :

Congratulation by Dr. Masood Ahmad, Editor, SALAMEVATAN Newspaper

Begum Shehnaz Sidrat has been long involved in the field of social work. Born in Moradabad, to a family which has been long involved in independence movement, she grew up working for and with the people. she started a school 'Bachon ka ghar' for the underprivileged children in the locality. She did her post graduation from (KGK college) in political science and urdu. Shehnaz Sidrat married into the prestigious Ansari family of Farangimahal and is the daughter-in-law of M.P. Hayatullah Ansari and Founding president of Bazm-E-Khwateen, Sultana hayat. She worked with and took over the NGO after the demise of her mother-in-law in 1992. Begum Shehnaz sidrat has extensively broadened the working area of the NGO in the past 21 years. She has trained about 100000 teachers till now.

Bazm-E-Khwateen was established in 1934 in response to the growing women disparity in the society. it aimed at providing the women with a bias free stage and where rather than being assessed on the gender, their individual quality would be given importance. Since then on the 15th of every month, meeting is organised in the Zanana park, the only park wherein only women are allowed during the meetings. the main aims of the NGO are to empower women especially the economic backward ones in terms of opportunity and education, provide safety net to them by giving legal help and awareness and finally to make them independent by helping them stand on their own feet. Awareness Programs, Self Employment Workshops, Educational Programs, Vocational Training Programs, Counselling Programs Seminar, Conferences, Workshops are organised to help women as much as we can.

Begum Shehnaz Sidrat has extensively worked for the welfare of women by taking up and solving numerous cases related to marital discord, family issues, legal issues, financial issues etc. her contribution to the welfare of women has been recognised by many people. she has been awarded the HT Women 2012,Award from journalist media and writers 2012, Lady of the millennium 2011. Award from Uttar Pradesh women commission 2013. Pride of the women award 2013. Patrkaar Samiti Award 2013.

 ..................................."Begum Shehnaz Sidrat has extensively worked for the welfare of women: Dr. Masood Ahmad, Member, Board of Trustee, Saiyid Hamid Foundation, New Delhi.........................

Begum Shehnaz Sidrat is a great and famous personality Educationally, Socially, Politically, Economically and best motivator  in world of “Women’s Empowerment”.

When UP Rabita Committee established in 1991-92. Its first meeting held at Char Bagh Muslim Musafirkhana Presided by Saiyid Hamid (Retd.IAS), organised by Advocate Sharfuddin, Aminabad LKO. The delegations of NGOs, Associations, Trusts, the office bearer of Colleges and Universities of all district of UP participated this meeting.

After meeting, Saiyid  Hamid send a deligation to meet you. You welcomed UP Rabita Committee and member of deligation, Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, Prof. Ateeq Ahmad Siddiqui, Prof. Shareef Khan, SMH Bilgrami, Dr. Ubaid Iqbal Asim and me at your home.

You and your husband appreciated, aim and objects of UPRC and donated 50 books of “ 10 dinon mein Urdu seekho” written by your father-in-law of M.P. Hayatullah Ansari. I distributed in so many Scools and Madersa of Distt. BulandShahar..

We are saluting to you for your Noble Services in Social and Educational world. Congratulation by Dr. Masood Ahmad,  

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